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We are a team of expert business advisors, determined to open new doors of opportunities to our customers in their quests for growth, transformation and capacity building.

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Provide tailor-made business solutions to firms of all sizes ranging from large scale to small sized, including family-owned and women-run businesses.

Strategic Partnering with...

Hera is providing business advice to small and medium-sized businesses benefiting from the advisory support of the EBRD (European Bank for Restructuring and Development).


Support firms in shaping their strategic vision, financial goals and roadmap.


Become a part of your team with extensive methodologies and tools, align your capacities along your goals, and help you achieve a value-adding growth.


A finance-focused team in business advisory working with the board of directors and executive committees.

Our Services

Business Strategy Advisory

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Growth Strategy

We help you redesign a resilient growth strategy in an ever disruptive era, and elaborately lay out what methods to implement; and which new products to offer; in which new markets in the future. More...


Strategic Financial Management

We first evaluate your existing strategies and co-create new ones through your engagement, until well- adopted and clearly defined strategies are set.
We work for a good financial strategy and a clear plan for the balanced use of equity, debt, and free cash flow. We design the framework including capital structure, preferred credit rating, and dividend policy as part of your value creation strategy.
We infuse innovation and risk-taking to your strategic and financial plans to make a competitive difference. We help you develop and revise your business models according to dynamic business environments and market demands.

Strategic Financial Management

We help you define your businesses objectives, your available and potential resources. We assist you design a plan for guiding the use of finances and capital resources to achieve defined goals. More...


Exit Strategies

How would you take your “exit”?
Maybe you have started your businesses with the goal of selling them; or decided at a certain point that it’s time to shift your time and money to another venture. It requires an exit plan for a successful transfer of business ownership, and to get a return on your investment.
Let’s define together your exit strategy whether your company to be acquired by another company, or go through an equity sale, or a management buyout.

Exit Strategies

We suggest that any business plan should include an elaborate exit plan. If your goals and growth are aligned with your exit strategy, it turns out to be a successful transition. More...


Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management is an ascending discipline about managing business risks some of which are financial risks, cyber-security, technology failures, obstacles in company supply chains and expansion, etc.
It needs an enterprise-wide-perspective to deal the ups and downs of the capital markets.

Enterprise Risk Management

We assist you prepare a risk management plan, identifying the risks your company face and the risks to manage. More...

Our Services

Organization Capacity Building

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business


Governance Design

Good governance mainly depends on the diverse and competent composition of board members, timely information, effective risk management, transparent and accountable decision making, and performance evaluation on regular basis.
Poor governance is the greatest risk against your company’s financial, legal and reputational welfare. Don’t lag behind in building key skills needed for financial governance.

Governance Design

Good governance is the path to reach strategic goals. The governance includes the system of rules, practices and processes in which a company is managed and regulated. We assist you design the effective governance model with a transparent set of rules and controls for the company’s stakeholders. More...


Management Toolkits

Tools help define, quantify, compare, contrast and map visually and conceptually while addressing and solving strategic problems. Tools are most useful when they enable participation fully, when they are clear to every participant, and when they are activity-based with structured tasks.

We explore which tools would work best in your organization and design toolkits for your organizational needs. We apply tools including SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s five forces, value chain, scenarios, road mapping, portfolios, interlinked grids, options/decision trees, concept mapping, balanced scorecard, and the business model canvas, etc.

We adapt the tools to your organizational systems and processes and align them with your business cycle. We deliver training; monitor outputs and reflect upon user feedback to fine tune the toolkits to your needs.

Management Toolkits

Choosing among many tools for management is not a simple matter of choice. Whether they address your business and management challenges or not matters. When right tools are used effectively in an integrated manner, they become very useful. We carefully suggest tools and design toolkits for your particular contexts. More...



We are with you at all the stages of strategy making, organizational aligning, toolkit design, risk managing, etc. both with our deep expertise and know-how.

We support each policy and strategy with the relevant methods and tools and give training and guidance on these tools until they become your organizational skill.

We deliver a wide range of educations including; mentoring, company culture, sales and marketing, executive coaching, financial literacy, training on specific methods, tools, digital software, etc.


To raise innovation and creativity in your company culture we apply inspirational ways through our education programs on a wide range of issues. More...



We tailor intensive programs for your company to boost your development and carry you beyond your peers. By the application of innovative methods, your company prospers from management innovation.


Our accelerator labs are tailor-made programs providing the network and support you need where “innovation” becomes your company tradition. More...


HERA is honored to partner up with you.


“Hera analyzed our documentation, learned our business processes, and provided us a comprehensive analysis and recommendation for the strategic planning, financing, marketing and management of Human Resources. Their analysis of the implementers was on time and on target.”

A-Sil Kablo

“İçinde bulunduğumuz ekonomik durgunluk ortamında, gerçekleştirdiğimiz bu projenin faydalarını uzun vadede görme beklentisi ile hareket eder iken, müşterilerimizden hızlı bir şekilde olumlu tepkiler almaya başladık. Müşteri ziyaretleri sayesinde, pazarın beklentilerini daha doğru analiz ederek, karşılamaya çalıştık ve bu şekilde siparişler almaya başladık. Projenin ilk aşamasından itibaren başarılı sonuçlar verdiğini gözlemliyoruz.”


“Mrs. Uysal has successfully developed several marketing plans for our company that have brought about some apparent improvements to our operation.”

Ulusal Faktoring .

“We noticed a visible increasement of performance on our company. Mrs. Uysal is not only a skillful tutor, but also like a business partner with her friendly behaviors. During their serving period, we also realized that she was putting herself just middle of the business with her utmost effort.”

ACM Energy Inco. .

“We are pleased to inform you that Hera Strateji ve Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş. is pre-qualified to provide strategy advisory services to beneficiary micro, small and medium sized enterprises through projects supported bye the EBRD in Turkey.”

EBRD, National Programme, Turkey .

Administration Team

Our passionate, collaborative and straightforward people care about you, your team and your business as if it were their own. We work alongside you, building your capabilities every step of the way.

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